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Restructuring the Thinking Pattern

All is happening in an unconventional way in all spheres of life, globally and at domestic front. When Paris club, fifty years ago, came out with their research findings that in next hundred years world will not be able to sustain the after affects of food and water security and climate hazards, the warning was taken lightly. Today, collective advancement in all fields is unable to even comprehend the overall deterioration in global order with climate hazards on top of all issues. Food security, water scarcity, health,

The China-Russia Axis Takes Shape

In July, nearly a dozen Chinese and Russian warships conducted 20 combat exercises in the Sea of Japan before beginning a 2,300-nautical-mile joint patrol, including into the waters near Alaska. These two operations, according to the Chinese defense ministry, “reflect the level of the strategic mutual trust” between the two countries and their militaries. The increasingly close relationship between China and Russia has been decades in the making, but Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has tightened their embrace. Both

Uneven distribution of wealth

( Help has been sought from book 'Lessons of History' by Will Durant and 'End of Poverty' by Jeffery D. Sachs) At the other end of the scale history reports that "the men who can manage men manage the men who can manage only things, and the men who can manage money manage all". Look at bankers, watching the trends in agriculture, industry, and trade, inviting and directing the flow of capital, putting our money doubly and trebly to work, controlling loans and interest and enterprise, running great risks to make great

Great Power Rivalries: The Case for Realism

Great Power Rivalries: The Case for Realism - In International Relations, Better to be Godzilla than Bambi When assessing the geopolitical landscape, the primary aim of any state, whether democratic or authoritarian, is to ensure its own survival. That comes down to military might and alliances Le Monde DiplomatiqueJohn J. MearsheimerAugust 2023 Issue Three decades ago, many experts in the West believed we had reached the end of history and that great-power war had been relegated to the dustbin of the past.

Unsung Heroes

World is so magnanimous and so mean at the same time, one is left wandering at standards set to measure the achievement particularly in #Mountaineering . Pakistan is proud to have three young mountaineers this year including two women #NailaKiyani and Samina Baig who climbed upto top of 8126 meter high 'killer mountain', #NangaParbat . They are first Pakistani Women to do that. Whole nation is so proud of them. Naila Kiyani is first Pakistani woman to achieve this landmark followed by Samina Baig also reached the top

The world’s largest ship Icon Of The Seas

The world's largest ship "Icon Of The Seas" is sailing in Jan 2024. It is manufactured in Finland & will carry 7960 people. It weighs 250,800 tons is 5 times more than Titanic. Many have booked their tickets.This time makers of the ship and Captain are saying 'no bull shit with God and no challenge to God .it's written on the walls of ship"God is all powerful, one and only God can sink this ship"

Herd Poisoning

(Guideline for this piece of writing has been drawn from Huxley's ' Brave New World revisited')Herd Poisoning is intoxication of individuals when formed in crowds with high emotion and suspension of normal consensus behavior patterns. Even most educated people get dumb and behave as the crowd do.A man in a crowd behaves as though he had swallowed a large dose of some powerful intoxicant. Like alcohol, herd-poison is an active, extraverted drug. The crowd-intoxicated individual escapes from responsibility, intelligence and
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