Governance by all

By Atique Ur Rehman
Governance is not only job of government alone in challenging times like present era. It is collective wisdom and cooperation by all which will pull us out of trouble. More we sacrifice and give to each other, more peaceful and independent we will be. Motivation is required to govt officials and rich class for self realisation, sacrifice and cooperation. Present capitalist model does not seem to be sustaining for a long. Middle and lower middle class needs to be incorporated in prosperity.
It is not a utopian idea. This is what western countries have done and overcome maximum problems. Lower and lower middle class must have bare minimum resources to lead a reasonably respectable life.
Fundamentally we all human beings have similar character traits with small variation. Fear, hunger, greed, self-centred, power hungry, self-actualization are fundamental character traits in us all. We have different tasks assigned to us in a society according to our skill and capabilities. Tasks assigned by states make few government official and rest of the tasks are private which makes us private citizens. So, two classes exist in a state, government servants and citizens. Political institutions control both govt employees and citizens. The political institutions are filled by public representative, which we call politicians. Politicians are superior citizens who control other classes of society. They r master who set the rules. Among all classes business class holds control over maximum resources like wealth, production, employments etc. Government servants are less in number and have the responsibility to manage state affairs, control crime, deliver justice and regulate trade, business etc through law, rules, and procedures. Citizens are more in number and have control over material, property, goods, sale, purchase. In most of the cases and most of the times, our inherited weaknesses remain dominant over our job assignment and this is from where problem starts.
A balance in managing our shortfall and deliverance can only be created if all citizens try to overcome their greed and lust for power. Motivation is ultimate leverage followed by law to overcome greed and lust. Simplest way to negotiate societal turmoil is self realisation by all, politicians, government functionaries, businessmen and citizens. But, it is beyond human beings to bring into motion the self control. This is where motivation and check and balance comes into play. Motivation is mostly inculcated through incentive and fear. Human beings measure Incentive through money and material things. State/ Actors need to interpret incentive to masses that a peaceful and free of lust and crime less life is biggest incentive. This motivation among all strata will have substantial affect in a capitalist society. Politicians are drivers of every move in a society. Thus, Parliament holds the key to form and regulate an organized society through incentives and check and balance. Pointing fingers and raising allegation is mere passing time. It is time for self realization and cooperation among each other. Let us govern ourselves instead of being governed by few.

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