‘Cup of Tea’ in the Heaven; Siran Valley

By Khalil Dar, Atique Ur Rehan, Zahid Naeem Satti

The serene sound of clear water coming down the hill was dominating the sound of pouring rain. There was nothing else but nature whispering all around; rhythmic water with music of joy, lush green towering mountains surrounding the valley, clouds kissing the mountains top, wood of god ‘deodar trees’ , adding unbelievable beauty and elegance to this heaven on earth “Mandaghucha”, in Siran Valley .
A perfectly assembled shelter, along jeep, and cup of tea, prepared on spot by host, was a joy beyond expression. We were specifically at ucha Sariala, 5 km from Mandaghucha , last village before approaching ” Musa Ka Massala”, famous tourist attraction in the area.
On friday last we spent a day in heaven on earth; Siran Valley. The beauty on earth lies next to Shankiari.
Siran valley is narrow but mesmerising. 30 KM long Velley goes up the mountains, Siran River all along, flowing down hill. We had reached here after travelling from Rawalpindi , Mansehra, Shankiari in four hours. . Driving in rain on motorway was befitting of the most enjoyable trip. It was new experience to travel on infrastructure marvel of CPEC, from Islamabad to Shankiari. The 6 hr distance once, has been reduced to one and a half hr. It is magic to travel on a smooth, spacious motorway, passing through most scenic beauty of Pakistan.
Khalil Dar, our host, best friend, a passionate trekker had planned the trip meticulously. Zahid, me and Khalil were to embark upon this trip which had been planned a month ago. Khalil has travelled and trekked extensively in KP, GB and Kashmir. His love for mountain trekking is unbelievable. Professionally a pilot but crazy for mountains. His jeep is a mini house. He does not need a hotel room to stay. He can park his jeep alongside any road or track, put up his tent within minutes, with every thinkable necessity of life in it. Sitting, sleeping, cooking, lighting, reading etc I can not event count the luxury of this tent.
Maznoor, 48 years old, local from Mandaghucha , our guide was waiting for us. Head to toe a gentleman, a native who has grown up in the area, knows these mountain routes on finger tips. He has traversed whole range of mountains in the area, hundreds of time, guiding trekkers to Musa Ka Masalla. A humble soul, can be contacted on cellphone 0343 8382612.
Manzoor, narrating details of area said that people of villages Munda Adore, Bakki, bari bek, jabbar, khori, gali, travel on foot for hours from ucha Sariala, which was end of road. Thousands of people are living in those villages, up on mountain tops, without road, hospitals, schools, shops. Life is hard. There is no source of income in area except herding goats and sheep. Potato, rice and wheat are few crops which locals depend upon to meet the boths ends food.
Two valleys, Konch Valley and
Mandaghucha valley are inhabiting along rivers Konch and Mandaghucha . These both join into Siran river five KM short of Mandaghucha . Siran river ultimately flows in to Indus Rive.
Trout farming has just started in the area. But it is too less for development of area. There is no hotel for night stay in most attractive tourist spot.
The biggest attraction of area is ie Musa Ka Musala.
It’s the nearest 4000 Meter (13100 feet) peak, non technical with safe route to climb. An ideal for beginners who aim for higher mountains in north. Whole trip can be done in 3-4 days.
It could be developed into a most beautiful tourist place with a little effort of KP govt.

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