Information Dominance

In today’s world, dominance in the field of communication is a real success. Despite facing economic hiccups, West’s dominance over Information give it an edge over east. The overt digital media platforms and traditional media

The China-Russia Axis Takes Shape

In July, nearly a dozen Chinese and Russian warships conducted 20 combat exercises in the Sea of Japan before beginning a 2,300-nautical-mile joint patrol, including into the waters near Alaska. These two operations, according to the

Leadership and Power Dynamics

Triangle of relationship between leader, politics, and power is a delicate balance in which leadership occupies the top place. Political institutions provide legitimate platform and strength to leadership to execute power to get best for

Governance Challenge

Dr Atique Ur RehmanIf we look into the sad demise Ali Bilal, aka Zille Shah, a hard core political worker of PTI , and the twists that news was given, it is collective failure as a society to deliver justice. A common citizen's death has

Floods, Politics and Response

Disaster in ongoing floods has created havoc for over 60 per cent population of the country. A UN report says that since June 14, 2022, so far 937 people have died and 1343 were injured in floods. This year rainfall was 2.87 times higher

Information Disorder

Information disorder is a wider explanation of fake news because researchers believe that deceit, lies, conspiracy theories, deliberate assertions, unintentional and intentional involvement of individuals and response by the state do not