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Securing Peace in Balochistan

Dr Atique Ur Rehman Prime Minister of Pakistan and COAS's frequent visit to Balochistan in last few weeks signify the priority government and security agencies attach to peace in the province.COAS on Tuesday visited Balochistan and

Valor in the Line of Duty

Written byMaj Gen(r) Muhammad Khalil Dar In soldiering gallantry is above the common bravery. It is distinguished by the display of personal courage and commitment at such levels where most would follow the standard practices.

Regional Security & Army Chief’s visit to China

By Dr Atique Ur RehmanPakistan-China-India co-exist in a complicated regional security complex. Due to their geographical contiguity, the primary security concerns of all three states are linked to each other. This is the fundamental

Sanity and Rationality is Formula for Success

In political parties, leaders and their legacies continue but in case of government institutions people come and go, environment and policies change accordingly. History teaches us to have realistic appraisal of past mistakes for

From School to madrassas

Rows of teenage girls recite lines from the Quran while rocking back and forth in a madrassa in the Afghan capital under the watchful supervision of a religious instructor. Since the Taliban took back control in August 2021, there have