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Focusing on Agriculture

by Dure Akram That Pakistan languishes on the edge of a slippery cliff has been written to the point of repetition. With the balance of payment crisis continuing to tip our fragile economy over the edge, default risks run high. Amid

Erasing Afghan Women

Human rights languish on their knees in Afghanistan, a land that had finally begun to step out of the shadows of war and devastation. by Dure Akram Do you know what it feels like to be erased?Millions of Afghan woman languish on the


17th October 2023 India: Failure to legalise same-sex marriage a ‘setback’ for human rights In response to today’s Supreme Court of India verdict which refused to grant legal recognition to same-sex marriage in the country leaving it

The world’s largest ship Icon Of The Seas

The world's largest ship "Icon Of The Seas" is sailing in Jan 2024. It is manufactured in Finland & will carry 7960 people. It weighs 250,800 tons is 5 times more than Titanic. Many have booked their tickets.This time makers of the