Restructuring the Thinking Pattern

All is happening in an unconventional way in all spheres of life, globally and at domestic front. When Paris club, fifty years ago, came out with their research findings that in next hundred years world will not be able to sustain the after affects of food and water security and climate hazards, the warning was taken lightly. Today, collective advancement in all fields is unable to even comprehend the overall deterioration in global order with climate hazards on top of all issues. Food security, water scarcity, health, epidemic, information, economy, societal gaps, all are in flux.
Reliance on conventional ways to handle issues have outlived their utility. It is now an age of out of box solutions, openness and deep understanding of complex social issues.
We needs to understand the fundamental laws of natural and social science to grasp the opportunities before us to steer society towards sustainability.
For example plantation of pine trees can bring big change in ecosystem. Pine tree has better survival capability and provides shade. The shade of tree protect the soil and strengthen symbiotic relationship between fungi and plants which result into a change in temperature. As long as the soil is hotter than the rain, the rain landing on warmer soil would splash, re-evaporate and will not penetrate the soil, depriving emerging plant and animal and human life of water. With tree cover, the soil will become cooler and the rain will quickly filter into the soil. Water now will percolate through the delicate layers of a thin ‘skin’ of earth, enriching the (mineral free) rain water. In doing so, it now provides high-quality drinking water to the local population, improving and ensuring healthy living conditions. This process of regeneration of the source of drinking water through the replanting of a monoculture that evolves into a biodiverse rainforest, is inherently a process based on physics. It has been practically implemented in Las Gaviotas in Colombia.
Often, we attempt to solve a problem and inadvertently create new problems. For example resolving energy issue in Pakistan. The solution for energy issue we found has collapsed whole economic system. While we never intended to cause any damage, our focus on solving one problem – without the ability to understand the ramifications of intervening in the complex system that surrounds it – creates other problems.
Our politics, economy, law and order, information regime, railway, police, tax reforms, education, health has met the same fate.
Development economics is foundation stone of equal opportunities to all. Successful development both requires and leads to the expansion of human freedom.The freedom-centered perspective means equal opportunities to all for improvement in quality of life. At the heart of freedom approach is the concept of “capabilities,” or the capacity to perform the functions that comprise a good life. Industrial growth can only be optimally used if we have a trained human resource.
Law and order is a science related to human behavior and criminology. A Sargent on traffic duty or in a police station can only be productive, if he is fully equipped and trained. A law less society needs highly trained and equally facilitated police officers. Society grow on check and balance but equal opportunities.
Everything is related to another thing. There is no solo flight in present day world. This complex inter-connectivity has made the geopolitics and governance very complicated. For development, peace and sustainability the rules and regulations has to be across the board. Deviating from prescribed path will only spoil whole program.
Plus and minus can only be done if given in the formula.
In last twenty years whole world have been exposed for their double standards including liberal democracies, western civilization, eastern block, ethnic issues, corruption, propaganda, moral values, everything.
Restructure your approach before restructuring the system.
Dr Atique Ur Rehman

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