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Security Needs and Defence Spending

Biggest and foremost security need for any nation state is political stability, cohesion among whole nation and trust on their armed forces. Security of nation state is most discussed and important issue in global affairs. It is collective

Undue Criticism

Targetting Pakistan Army by political leaders, parties' social media wings, is becoming a common practice in country. This practice is extremely dangerous due to many reasons. Danger is intangible and can not be measured but it is

Contradiction of Narratives

We are living in an era of contradiction. Our objectives, policies and execution are total mismatch with each other and ground realities. There have been minimum ten long marches or Dharnas in the country during last eight years and all

Against All Odds

Ever since the genesis of Pakistan, the governance in the nation has always been maintained in a poised balance due to the combined efforts of not only the elected government but also the Pakistani military – the brave men who have

Indigenously developed PNS HAIBAT

Pakistan Navy’s indigenously designed & constructed Fast Attack Craft Missile FAC(M) PNS HAIBAT is commissioned. PNS HAIBAT is the first land mark project indigenously designed by Maritime Technologies Complex and constructed by