Governance by all

By Atique Ur RehmanGovernance is not only job of government alone in challenging times like present era. It is collective wisdom and cooperation by all which will pull us out of trouble. More we sacrifice and give to each other, more

The South China Sea and Pakistan

Geopolitics is dynamic and inconsistent. The power play by great powers continues to enhance their influence in military, energy, trade, and information management. The US focus remains on strengthening ties with NATO, pick and choose in

Security Needs and Defence Spending

Biggest and foremost security need for any nation state is political stability, cohesion among whole nation and trust on their armed forces. Security of nation state is most discussed and important issue in global affairs. It is collective

Contradiction of Narratives

We are living in an era of contradiction. Our objectives, policies and execution are total mismatch with each other and ground realities. There have been minimum ten long marches or Dharnas in the country during last eight years and all

Hashtag Wars

Freedom of speech is very important for a dynamic society but silence is also very important for peace and progression. The noise of social media is too loud to be understood by human being. We all are speaking but no one is listening. We

Digital World and New Politics

In a world deluged by irrelevant information, clarity is power. Humans think in stories rather than in facts, numbers or equations. Simpler the story, better it is. Big data algorithms have already created digital dictatorship in which

Russia-Ukraine: Another Cold War?

As Russian-Ukraine war prolong and enters into 12th day, still there is no indication that conflict will end in near future. Ukraine forces are unable to face the wrath of Russian invasion. It is pertinent to analyze the present situation

Shameful Flight

Author: Stanley Wolpert Year of Publication: Was originally published in 2006 by Oxford University Inc., New York. Later it was published in Pakistan by Oxford University Press in 2009. Pages and Chapters: The book contains 238 pages