Contradiction of Narratives

We are living in an era of contradiction. Our objectives, policies and execution are total mismatch with each other and ground realities. There have been minimum ten long marches or Dharnas in the country during last eight years and all were held due to wrong reasons and all failed without getting announced objectives  These contradictions are real impediment in solving issues confronting humanity.

Amazing century it is, unbelievable connectivity but inter-state, inter-society, inter family, man to man, relationships are at its worst. Development have reached its pinnacle but societies are protesting for human rights. After collectively spending 21 centuries to-gather, women have finally asked men ‘enough is enough’.  

Media inform to misinform and entertain to propagate. Social media is anti-social, it is dividing instead of jelling. It is the silence which helps to unite not the gossip which always ends up in arguments.  

Dilemma of 21st century is that those who arrange and participate in protests are the same who are reason of the protest. States follow their national interest in international relations and cheat on resources of same nation, whose interest they were defending globally. 

States have acquired full capability to destabilize other state by force, propaganda and coercion  but same state is unable to achieve stability for its own people at home. 

US and China are number 1 and 2 countries in the world respectively; richest, developed in all forms, resourceful but engaged in clash with each other.

Humans have messed up so miserably on this planet earth that living for themselves as well as for other species has become difficult. Industries are expanding at the cost of extreme weather hazards  

Countries rich in energy resources are either destroyed or sanctioned by global powers. Oil is biggest commodity of life and its prices are set similarly as of stock market.   

Russia got defeated in Afghanistan by a guerrilla force, funded and prepared by US and immediately after disintegration of USSR , the US attacked same Afghanistan to defeat the same guerrillas force who had become terrorists by then.US fought this objective less war for twenty years, spent $1 trillion and went back empty handed and yet Pakistan is promoter of terrorism.

Fukuyama was quick in his book ‘end of history’  to claim the supremacy of liberal democracy. Humans are still in search of a governance system which can give every one shelter, food, health and water. Over 800 million people are still refugees or internally displaced, living a homeless life in tents. Western democracies are mostly the reason  of these displacements and human made crisis. 

India claim herself the biggest democracy but biggest democracy is hell bent for genocide in Kashmir, within own country, promote proxies in Afghanistan and fuel terrorism in Balochistan and create hype within own country to win election Democracy is dependent upon false flag operations and fake news agencies to achieve their foreign policy objectives.  

Pakistan has taken till date Rs 51000 Billion  loan from international financial institutions managed and controlled by US and our most popular party is gathering public support on anti-US slogans. 

Governments, countries, provinces, societies, families and individuals need to correct their priorities.  Nature and Planet Earth are in perfect harmony to accommodate all living organisms. Our whole effort is aimed at misuse of resources on planet earth  in a disastrous fashion. Crisis of energy, food, water, climate change need attention to resolve issues not to get corporations rich. 

Still vast scathe of land, with abundant resources, is lying  untraversed  and unexplored. 

Correct evaluation of resources, their management and just  distribution  by competent people in a scientific way is a solution to these problems.

Pakistan’s political history is replete with contradictions, power grabbing, . What happened in 1990, continued happening in 1993, 1997, 1999, 2008,  2018, and 2022. Elected governments were sent home either through 58(2) B invoked by respective Presidents of Pakistan,  by Supreme Court on charges of corruption or misuse of power and through vote of no confidence in Parliament.   Mian Nawaz Sharif was ousted from office by Supreme Court on charges of corruption but Nawaz Sharif, but he did not accept the verdict silently and went for agitation against the court decision and created a narrative against establishment for throwing him out of office. The verdict was outcome of the Panama Leaks. Former Prime Minister himself opted to go to Supreme Court and instead of accepting the court verdict, confronted the decision through public rallies and allegations.

Imran Khan was unlucky to inherit a system which was unable to deliver. He tried but economic deliverance was too shady to hold his government. But on his way out, he  committed the same old mistake of putting blame on establishment. It is ironic and misguidance. This blatant lie has dragged establishment in the middle of a situation to face criticism. 

One major reason for failure of political system is that political parties could not  strengthen Parliament and other institutions. They have again and again stick themselves to the old tactics of keeping power to self not transferring it to state organs. They have not institutionalized the political system  and harnessed the public power in their support and today they are paying the price for that.

Political parties must understand the evolving global environment and its impact on domestic politics. It is not the old world, old public, old courts, old financial institutions, old external enemy. World has evolved manifold. Power centers have been distributed from few to many. Those in power have to deal with all these subsidiary power blocks separately. Public sentiment changes every hour. External pressures are immense. Now things erupt and get viral in a splash of time all over the world. The confidential information is leaked by own people. By the time inside meeting ends, the information is already out. It is different and volatile world. 

PTI brought twitter trend to Pakistan. It was victims of same twitter war game during its term in office from 2018 to 2022.

PML(N) devised a strategy to target PTI government and establishment. Social media team of N League openly targeted Army in connivance with SAATH forum and PTM trolls. PTI is following same strategy till date. The politics of lie, deceit and virtual objective can not pull Pakistan out of crisis. Imran Khan did not have any strategy during his three and a half year of rule and he is still standing at the same place. No strategy, no team, no vision, no political objective. Crash program of PTI is only focused to get Imran Khan elected and continue with the same mantra of new Pakistan. It is not going any where. PTI must remember, it could not deliver but managed to divert public attention through fake narrative. Public have short memory and high hopes, politicians can not always, get away with blame games.


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