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Herd Poisoning

(Guideline for this piece of writing has been drawn from Huxley's ' Brave New World revisited')Herd Poisoning is intoxication of individuals when formed in crowds with high emotion and suspension of normal consensus behavior patterns. Even

Art of Leadership

By Dr Atique Ur RehmanManaging human resource and getting best out of them as a team is most difficult task for any leader. Individual skills are nothing unless harnessed into a collective effort.Richard Nixon writes in his book that

Leadership and Power Dynamics

Triangle of relationship between leader, politics, and power is a delicate balance in which leadership occupies the top place. Political institutions provide legitimate platform and strength to leadership to execute power to get best for

Spirit of Soldiering – Alive in Traditions

By Maj Gen (r) Muhammad Khalil Dar Vandalizing of Flag Staff House in Lahore, followed by public sacrilege of a military uniform must have broken the hearts of many who joined the Army for the honour of the uniform and willingness to die

Making of a Military Commander

By Brig (r) Atique Ur Rehman Will Durant writes in his book lessons of history that first lesson of history is modesty and life is all about survival of the fittest. Global system also dictates that security of a state is its own

Rabbit Hole

By Atique Ur RehmanThe meaning of rabbit hole in english dictionary is a bizarre, confusing, or nonsensical situation or environment, from which it is difficult to extricate oneself. Internet culture is a rabbit hole. It attracts with rosy

Transformation of North Wazirastan

In June 2014, a group of journalists was flown to Miran Shah, North Wazirastan immediately after the security forces took control of the town. The visitors were stunned to see the volume of recovered explosives which was in hundred and