Security Needs and Defence Spending

Biggest and foremost security need for any nation state is political stability, cohesion among whole nation and trust on their armed forces. Security of nation state is most discussed and important issue in global affairs. It is collective responsibility of all. Armed forces can not defend the state without nation’s support. Our security needs go much beyond conventional troops deployment. In last thirty years two biggest wars Russia- Afghan war and War against terrorism have been fought and won by our valiant Army. India has unleashed another kind of virtual war to defame Pakistan.
Let us analyze the prevalent and emerging threat and see how can we cope up these security challenges.
Security used to be military affair only but it is no more like that. The widened concept of security extends from military to political, economic, societal and environmental sectors. Vertically, the concept is open to referent objects other than state and include individuals, social groups and humans. In simple terms ” security is whole of a nation approach” .
Our discussion about Defence spending must have a rationale based upon actual threat assessment and our defence needs. It is the nature and volume of threat which dictates the defence expenditure. We can only have complete picture of defence spending, if we know our earnings, our needs and available resources. Formula is simple; is country facing security challenge if so, how much is the threat, can we ignore it or not, what are our resources and security needs and how should we spend this money and keep our defence intact. This is how allocation of resources is done keeping in view priorities of development at home, defence of the country and running of government affairs. Pay and pension is biggest burden on govt exchequer. Subsidies in tax and revenue collection by business and agriculture is a conscious loss which ultimately is paid by a common man. Security of state and its people is not a choice but compulsion. But allocation of resources need rationale.
Threat is not a tangible thing which could be seen or measured. A threat assumption is basis of a strategy thus if assumptions are not sufficiently examined, it will result into faulty strategy thus collapsing the whole state. But in case of Pakistan, threat assumptions have tangible evidence and can easily be observed and measured . Twenty years long war against terrorism on our western border and inside Pakistan is a good enough testimony to establish existence of threat . As many as 70000 Pakistani citizens perished in this war including security forces personnel. Pakistan suffered a loss of $128 Billion in this fight.
Pakistan’s security has been dynamic since its inception.India is our eastern neighbour and it is being ruled by BJP. Chankya dictum of deceit and lie is in play.Indian Army unabated and unprovoked cease fire violations at LoC, active engagement by crossing our airspace and loosing one of its aircraft and arrest of a pilot, firing of Brahmos missile right inside Pakistan’s territory, detection of Indian nuclear sub- marine inside Pakistan’s waters is good enough a evidence about enemy intentions.
India is biggest arms buyer in the world and Pakistan is its prime target. India does not even hide its intentions. Mr Narinder Modi, Indian PM, Ajit Deviol, Indian National security advisor, Mr Rajnath, Indian defene minister have number of times has openly committed to bruise Pakistan. It is part of BJP’s political ideology to keep Pakistan destabilized by kinetic and virtual threats, to keep their extremist Hindu vote bank in hand. India is rising power with expansionist designs. It has fought three wars with Pakistan and continue provocation to lure us into next conflict. It has dismembered Pakistan. It fuels terrorism against Pakistan. It supports terrorist sanctuaries in Afghanistan for attacks in Pakistan. It is irresponsible nuclear state. It has orchestrated a complete propaganda campaign against Pakistan at global level and is pursuing its foreign policy objectives through a malicious campaign and aggressive posture. India quest to be regional hegemon is basis of its irrational, overtza and covert pursuits against Pakistan.

Afghanistan is our western neighbour. Afghanistan’s security has direct linkage with security situation in Pakistan.

Even if we disregard our northern and southern border, we are in the middle of a long lasting Geo-political crisis.
Pakistan Armed Forces are vigilant 24/7 and holding their bases all along 889000 sq kilometer area.
We already have bare minimum defence budget compared with our adversary. Defence expenditure is not an option for us, it is a necessity. Our economy is in shambles and it is a catch 22 situation. How to go about security of the country ? That is the question.
Pakistan armed forces are extremely professional and motivated which compensate for unnecessary expenditures on purchase of arms and ammunition. Pakistan Army has always sacrificed for the motherland no matter whatever is the issue.
The best strategy for Pakistan would be to allocate resources where required most. Bare minimum in all areas including defence. Cut subsidies to rich and corporate sector.
In recent times harnessing nations’ strength is one of the biggest contribution towards defence of the country. National cohesion is foremost requirement of defence of the motherland. National cohesion is achieved through political stability. Security of state is inside-out approach. Human resource is biggest asset of a nation. A cohesive nation filled with patriotism, is enough to defend its motherland. Let us not get into Jugglery of figures and GDPs. Stand behind your armed forces, they can do wonders. If you only allocate necessary budget for them but do not make them a punching bag, it will be your greatest service towards defence of the country. It is also wrong to assume that they are biggest receiver of national budget.
This year allocation for defence drop from 2.6% of GDP ratio to 2.2 % . If inflation is catered as 11.3 %, the
defence Budjet is 56 billion less this year.
But we all know the economic difficulties being faced by nation. Compensate the less allocation in budget with your compassion, love and trust for the Armed Forces. A soldier, pilot or a seaman when fighting enemy only need nations’ trust and love. They can fight enemy with less ammunition because they are trained to do so, but they can not fight enemy without nation’s trust and confidence.

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