Erasing Afghan Women

Human rights languish on their knees in Afghanistan, a land that had finally begun to step out of the shadows of war and devastation. by Dure Akram Do you know what it feels like to be erased?Millions of Afghan woman languish on the

Defining State and Non-Stater Actors

There are primarily two actors defined in IR , state and non state actors. My argument is for addition of two more "rational $ fundamental" actors. It is initiation of debate for wider input and detailed discussion. The concept of


17th October 2023 India: Failure to legalise same-sex marriage a ‘setback’ for human rights In response to today’s Supreme Court of India verdict which refused to grant legal recognition to same-sex marriage in the country leaving it

Day 9 of the war between Israel and Gaza

It is day 9 of the war between Israel and Gaza. Israel forces are ready at Gaza border for ground invasion. Last night series of rockets were fired by Israel on Gaza. So far 1100 Palestinian have died in Israel rocket and aircraft bombing

The New Intifada – So Why Did it Happen?

ByDr Rehan Mushtaq On the morning of 7 Oct, Palestinians decided to celebrate the 50th anniversary of 1973 Arab-Israel War. Yet, most analysts are curious about the motive behind the attack. In the West, this question is being raised to

Khalistan – India’s or Sikh’s Betrayal?

Dr.Rehan Mushtaq holds a PhD in Peace & Conflict Studies. Likes to read and write on global events. In 1999, Christopher Andrew, a history professor at Cambridge University, wrote a set of two books in consultation with Vasili